Missile Weapons - LRM-10


The Long Range Missile launcher has been a staple weapon of militaries for over a millenia. The LRM however, is a bigger version carrying a devastating armament of lock-on capable missiles.

The LRM-10 launches 10 lock-on capable missiles from its tubes.

MW:PR 3051

In MW:PR 3051 the LRM-10 is an effective weapon for dealing damage at range. The LRM-10 is effective for softening up targets before engaging at close range. The salvo size is still relatively small, but more effective than the LRM-5 if only a single instance is mounted.

LRM's can be fired in 3 configurations. They are 'Full', 'Row' and 'Single'. Full will fire the entire salvo with the pull of a trigger. Row shot will fire every missiles on a row by row basis. Finally, single shot fires every single missile in the launche one by one.