Energy Weapons - PPC


The Particle Projector Cannon (or PPC) is a unique energy weapon. PPCs fire a concentrated stream of protons or ions at a target, causing damage through both thermal and kinetic energy. Despite being an energy weapon, it produces recoil. The lethality of the weapon rivals that of higher-caliber autocannons; just three shots from a PPC will vaporize nearly two tons of standard military-grade armor. Targets hit by multiple, simultaneous PPCs can also suffer electrical side-effects, such as overloaded computer systems or targeting sensors. The ion beam also extends to much farther ranges than autocannon fire, though PPCs generate large amounts of waste heat.

PPCs are equipped with a Field Inhibitor to prevent feedback which could damage the firing unit's electronic systems. This inhibitor degrades the performance of the weapon at close ranges of less than 90 meters. Particularly daring warriors have been known to disengage the inhibitor and risk damage to their own machine when a target is at close range.

Description provided by Sarna.Net

MW:PR 3051

In MW:PR 3051 the PPC is an energy weapon rivaling the AC/10 in terms of damage. The PPC features an inhibitor which prevents the weapon from being fired under 90m target distance. However, pilots do have the option to disable the inhibitor and fire under 90m range. This action adds the additional risk of the weapon suffering feedback and therefore destroying the weapon. Hence disabling the inhibitor should be used in emergency situations only.

The PPC is also unique in its ability to disrupt enemy sensors and targeting systems. A mech hit by a PPC stream will lose its ability to lock on to enemies and will lose all sensor data for 5 seconds. Additionally, the pilot's UI will become blurred and barely readable for a duration of 5 seconds.