Energy Weapons - Medium Laser


The Medium Laser is a mid-range weapon of the standard type from the laser class of weaponry. A free-electron laser, it is a device that focuses an amplified beam of light on a small surface area. The medium laser uses this intensified beam of light to damage targets by heating them to melting temperatures. The relatively compact size and effectiveness of the Medium Laser attributes its widespread use over many types of combat units, though it is regarded as a "Heavy Support Laser" when carried by infantry squads or mounted on powered armor.

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MW:PR 3051

In MW:PR 3051 the medium laser is the work horse weapon of both mechs and combat vehicles. It is well suited for mid-range engagements, is light weight and does not generate a large amount of heat on its own. The medium laser is also a fearsome defense weapon as is evident with mech designs like the Catapult.