Energy Weapons - Large Laser


Lasers cause damage by firing an intense beam of light at a target, flooding concentrated energy in the form of heat, which can melt material and overwhelm heat-sensitive electronics. The Large Laser differs from its smaller cousins by being a gamma-ray laser firing a much more powerful beam, allowing it to reach to further ranges and cause more damage. However, the increased bulk and heat generation limits the weapon to ground vehicles, aircraft, and BattleMechs. The type was first introduced by the Terran Hegemony in 2430.

Description provided by Sarna.Net

MW:PR 3051

In MW:PR 3051 the large laser is indeed large. With the consequences of being bulky and discharging a large amount of heat, the large laser is a formidable weapon. The large laser is an extremely effective stopping weapon when used against armored targets and mechs. It is most effective however, when used at a distance to soften targets up before engaging with smaller and less taxing weapons.