Mechwarrior: Project 3051 is a fan-made RTS/FPS hybrid putting the player both in the commander's seat and the pilot's seat. The goal of this project is to combine the MechCommander and MechWarrior series into one complete battletech PC game. Using the Unity engine, this is now achievable. MW:PR3051 will feature all of your favorite mechs, vehicles, fighters and more!

For the first time ever, not only can you conquer the Inner Sphere under any banner, you can do so with huge armies under your command! Feel the power of being a commander, and then jump into the pilot's seat to deliver that killing blow. Join your men in the chaos!

MW:PR3051 will be 100% free to play. This is a fan-made project I am doing as portfolio work. I am simply sharing my journey and finished work with the world.


Direct Control

For the first time ever in a Mechwarrior game, you can zoom into the chaos and step into the pilot's seat. When you've had your fill you can go back to commanding your army to victory in the Inner Sphere. By combining our favorite RTS elements with our favorite FPS elements, MW:PR3051 will have a similar or greater replay value than older titles.

Galactic Conquest

Conquer the entire Inner Sphere to your heart's content! MW:PR3051 will feature a 2D interactive territory map, mapping out the Inner Sphere depending on the era you choose to play. Gameplay will consist of taking turns to try and conquer individual territories and perhaps even individual star systems.


Yeah, we know you were looking for that one. Now you can customize your favorite mechs and create all the builds you can only dream of.

Variety of Gamemodes

Some of us like to stay true to canon and use faction specific mechs. Others like to create the ultimate chaos of clan vs clan vs innersphere vs merc. Now you can choose the game you want to play with customizable settings such as 'era', 'faction' and others.

Combined Operations

Amongst other things, MW:PR3051 features combined operations. Mix mechs with vehicles, aerospace and infantry and send your enemies to kingdom come. MW:PR3051 will feature all sorts of new vehicles for you to ride in, and blow shit up in.

Extended Timeline

Play from the clan invasion of 3051, all the way to through the FedCom civil war. Replay Battletech history, or forge your own story!